Your Competitive Edge

Well-Built Web

Effective content, clean User Experience (UX), fast and resilient delivery, optimized for your business, maintainable with no vendor lock.

Faster Collaboration

Email and IT, tools and services, quality assurance, end-user support and process optimization to help teams work optimally.

Landscape Awareness

Risk Management, Infosec, Privacy by Design, Analysis, Community, UX, Preparedness and Feedback Management to drive growth.


from Design to Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to Production Operation, I deliver on your concept


with Decision Support, Product Evaluation, and Vendor Management, I source your optimal outcomes


by Understanding Value, Continuous Improvement, and Troubleshooting, I reduce pain in your lifecycle

Servant Leadership

Remote and multi-discipline teams mentored to success, a decade of 24x7 on-call, 70% operating expense reduction over 5 years.

Day-to-day operations, due diligence, audits, upgrades, service decommissioning, stakeholder management, and incident response.

Wood Badge trained (course N1-218-13), I volunteer to improve Scouting in Maine. Nonprofits deserve professional-grade solutions.

Continuous Improvement

Maximizing value through growth strategies, risk management, short-term fixes throughout the lifecycle -- from planning to maintenance.

Monitoring and metrics, agile practices, decision-making, analysis, tuning, ethics, exit strategies, Visible Ops, and process optimization.

I am Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC #1620840).

Open Source

Since 1997 I've served the greater good as an Open Source project developer and OSS Community-supporting Devops team leader.

Competitive advantage and custom solutions delivered at scale, leading infrastructure to 1.6B hits and 141M downloads per month.

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Jacob Moorman

Maine-based Technology Generalist, Accomplisher and Servant Leader
Serving Enterprise, Small Business and Non-Profit customers
Available for tasks, projects or hire

Phone:813-666-7626 (also on Signal)

Full Stack, Full Lifecycle, Sustainability through Landscape Awareness

Risk ManagementInfosecPrivacyUser Experience (UX)
Visible OpsContinuous ImprovementServant LeadershipAnalysis
OperationsSoftware EngineeringEnd-User SupportCommunity
DocumentationProject ManagementQuality Assurance (QA)IT Services
Open SourceRemote TeamsMulti-Discipline TeamsProcess Improvement
InfrastructureBackend code and DBFrontend HTML5/CSS/JSDelivery
ControlsAudit SupportAnalyticsVendor Management
Expense reductionIncident responsePreparednessCreative Solutions
Decision SupportDesignBuildMaintain

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