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  • Aligning RASCI for Servant Leadership (2018-01-24)
    Pivot from a culture of blame by aligning project Responsibility and Approval roles for Servant Leadership.
  • Bridging Risk to UX (2018-01-12)
    Though rarely afforded opportunity to work together, a collaboration by Risk and UX functions has the potential to reduce blindsides by real-world conditions, mitigate decision-making deadlocks, and quantitatively drive improved organizational respect for its users.
  • Business Balance (2018-02-02)
    Imbalanced businesses fail to understand the range of internal and external influences on their success. A simple benchmark may help.
  • Change (2018-02-21)
    Change is a source of concern, workload, growth and risk. How do we manage change elegantly?
  • Composure (2018-03-02)
    Your value, the value of your ideas, the value of your work, will be hard to see if you are not composed.
  • Cost (2018-02-14)
    How do we decide where to spend our time, how much time to spend, pick technologies, or find assistance? It's a matter of cost.
  • Decisions (2018-02-07)
    Web projects are filled with decisions. How do you make decisions to help your project succeed?
  • Dotted Line Reporting (2018-01-26)
    Managers hate dotted line reporting. Fix this cross-discipline dysfunction with accountability, Servant Leadership and interoperability.
  • Executive Fluency (2018-02-12)
    Your actions will be judged by your boss's peers. Does your boss know what you do, and understand the value?
  • Low-Stress Decisions with the OODA Loop (2018-01-08)
    How can you use the OODA Loop to achieve success while reducing stress from arbitrary, delayed and incomplete decisions?
  • Manual Work (2018-02-05)
    I learned from my grandfather not to automate the prototype -- we need manual work to make our solution smart.
  • Optimizing Optimization (2018-03-01)
    How can we optimize an optimization process? We'll examine the Boy Scouts of America's Journey to Excellence for insights.
  • Phones (2018-02-19)
    Time eaten by spam messages and worthless B2B marketing calls? You could be doing this better.
  • Process Bridges with OODA Equivalence (2018-01-10)
    How can you assimilate GDPR, PCI-DSS, or new business requirements to your existing process? How can you rapidly benchmark your existing process in prep for an audit? How can you enable effective collaboration between two less commonly paired disciplines?
  • Risk (2018-02-23)
    The unknown is scary. Risk awareness reduces the unknown, so our project can meet expectations.
  • Risk Response Value (2018-02-16)
    Some businesses avoid or ignore risk, dissatisfied with the cost and overhead of risk management. Others thrive, recognizing value.
  • Sustainable Growth (2018-01-22)
    With budget constraints and an overflowing calendar, it can be hard to sustain focus on team growth. The solution lies within participatory leadership, personal commitment, and forward movement.
  • Technology Leadership (2018-02-08)
    Why do many strong individual contributors struggle when promoted to management? Technology Leadership is a separate skill set.
  • Testing (2018-02-28)
    Consistency, function, value, accuracy, decisions -- we get the best results through testing.
  • The Nuclear Option (2018-01-19)
    Exchange the business you have for the business you want with the Nuclear Value Mechanism, but consider ways you can produce even more value by not throwing everything away.
  • The Value Formula (2018-01-17)
    How can a business build evidence to support a major culture shift? With employees thinking their peers don't care enough about customers or have ability to produce a positive user experience, how can a single formula drive shared focus?
  • Value (2018-02-26)
    Value is our prize. It exists in several places, driven by process through common mechanisms, expanded by branding, dependent on content.
  • Value Mechanisms (2018-01-15)
    Decision Support activities help ensure viable project outcomes which maximize value. To maximize value, we must understand how to identify the influence of different Value Mechanisms and select an optimal mix.
  • Vendors - Observe (2018-01-29)
    As a new Manager, your predecessor's decisions may derail your plan to deliver value. Get out in front with a vendor document repository.
  • Why Design? (2018-01-31)
    Web Design does not begin with HTML5/CSS/JS, hosting, or WordPress. Design is about finding and solving the right problem, and anyone can.